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The Nibelungs in Worms


Nibelungen Festival

Nibelungen Festival (German only)

Nibelungen Museum

Nibelungen Museum (photo: R. Uhrig)
Hagen Statue (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Hagen Statue (photographer: R. Uhrig)
Siegfried Fountain (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Siegfried Fountain (photographer: R. Uhrig)
Nibelungen Fountain in Worms (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Nibelungen Fountain in Worms (photographer: R. Uhrig)

Enter a world of myth and legend

The city of Worms is inextricably linked to the Nibelungs. Most of the scenes in the Song of the Nibelungs, a heroic saga written in verse by an unknown poet around the year 1200, take place in and around Worms. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and the other protagonists have always been a part of the city’s history. Worms, the Nibelungen city, is their home. 

Allow your imagination to intermingle with reality at the authentic sites along the Nibelungen Route and in Worms itself. The tourist information office has details of special city tours.

On the trail of the Nibelungs

References to the Song of the Nibelungs (Nibelungenlied) can be found in a number places around the city: 

The Nibelungen Festival and multimedia Nibelungen Museum bring the poem and its heroes to life.

Two monuments represent key figures from the legend: the Hagen Statue and Siegfried Fountain. The Nibelungen Fountain in the pedestrian zone depicts scenes from the legend. A sandstone relief showing Siegfried arriving in Worms is on display in the entrance of the Haus zur Münze bookshop. By the gate tower, a reconstructed burial mound represents Siegfried’s grave. 

Not to be missed: the giant Nibelungen tapestry on a wall inside the theatre.

At Worms Cathedral you can see the spot where the dispute took place between the rival queens Kriemhild and Brunhilde. Everywhere you go in Worms you will see dragons: in statues, on coats of arms and on houses. 

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