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Rhine Promenade

The Rhine Promenade is a historic park from the 1920s. Because of its attractive location and its clear, classical design, it is regarded as one of the most important representative green spaces in the city of Worms. As well as being a local recreation space for the people of Worms, it plays an important role for tourism.

Strandbar 443 (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Strandbar 443 (photographer: R. Uhrig)
Rhine Promenade (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Rhine Promenade (photographer: R. Uhrig)

It is not just tourists who enjoy walking along the redesigned and renovated Rhine Promenade – the banks of the Rhine by the Festplatz fairgrounds are a magnet for locals as well.

A lot of work has been done to improve this area. Numerous plants, including exotic species, bring a Mediterranean charm to the river bank in Worms. From the Strandbar 443 beach bar through the park to the Hagenbräu restaurant and Kolb’s beer garden, the Rhine Promenade is certainly worth a visit.

Hagendenkmal (Foto: R. Uhrig)

Hagen Statue

Besides the north door of the Cathedral – the scene of the momentous precedence dispute between Brunhilde and Kriemhild – and the Siegfried stone on the south side of the Cathedral, one of the main visitor magnets is the Hagen statue, which was erected in 1905. The bronze figure stands on the river bank, recalling the sinking of the legendary Nibelungen hoard in the waters of the Rhine. Because of its numerous links to the song of the Nibelungs, Worms marks the start of the Nibelungen Route that runs past Lorsch Abbey to Hungary, taking in the sites of famous scenes in the Song of the Nibelungs along the way.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the Hagen Statue.

Schiff an der Anlegestelle (Foto: R. Uhrig)

Boat trips on the Rhine

From spring to autumn, Weisse Flotte offers boat trips starting from the Hagen statue: liner, group, excursion and riverboat trips, atmospheric evening excursions and customised river trips.
Tickets can be purchased aboard the ship.

Click here for Weisse Flotte timetables and fares: Weisse Flotte

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