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Jewish Worms – “Stolpersteine”

Exiled, deported, murdered. But not forgotten. In several countries in Europe, cobblestone-size brass memorials, so-called “Stolpersteine”, serve as reminders of victims of Nazism during the Third Reich. These “stones”, engraved with names and dates, have been set in front of the houses in which these people last lived. In Worms, too, they serve as reminders of the fates of former residents.


Memorial stones so that we do not forget

Jews, “gypsies” (Sinti and Roma), the politically persecuted, homosexuals, Jehova’s Witnesses ... the list of victims of the Nazi regime is long. The aim of artist Gunter Demnig’s Europe-wide project “Stolpersteine” is to keep alive the memory of these people. Warmaisa, the society for the promotion and preservation of Jewish culture in Worms, brought this campaign to the city, regarding it as a further contribution to commemorating the events of the “Pogrom Night” in 1938. The memorial plaques were financed by donations and laid by Gunter Denning. The first of these “stones” was set in the Judengasse on November 6th 2006. New stones are added every year.

You can find more information about the campaign “Stolpersteine in Worms“, including biographies, on Warmaisa’s internet site www.warmaisa.de.


Overview of “Stolpersteine” in Worms

This interactive map gives you an overview of the “Stolpersteine” in Worms. Click on a “Stolperstein” symbol to receive more information. This map was produced by the local branch of the Social democratic Party, the “SPD Ortsverein Worms-Mitte”, in consultation with the society Warmaisa. It is regularly updated.

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