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Worms City of Wine – Germany’s third largest wine-growing community

Worms and wine belong together – and have done since Roman times. 

The mild climate of the Rheinhessen region creates the perfect conditions for good wine, which the locals celebrate all year round with numerous wine festivals. 

Today, Worms is third largest wine-growing community in Germany. The oldest Riesling vineyard still under cultivation is in Pfeddersheim. 

The city is surrounded by green vineyards that change colour in the autumn and make inviting places for walks. There are even two small vineyards in the middle of the city, where the world-famous Liebfrauenmilch originated.

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Vineyard near Worms (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Vineyard near Worms (photographer: R. Uhrig)
Wine cellar (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Wine cellar (photographer: R. Uhrig)

A land of grapevines since Roman times

Worms can trace its wine-growing history back almost 2000 years. Maybe the Roman legionaries found it too expensive to import good wine over long distances. Whatever the reason, it was around this time that wine-growing started to become established here and it is still a dominant feature of the agricultural landscape in Rheinhessen and the Pfalz region.

If we are to believe the poet behind the Song of the Nibelungs, the royal court of Worms served ‘... den gouten vin, den besten, den man kunde vinden umben Rin’ (the good wine, the best that could be found along the Rhine). It was also often said that the Nibelungen hoard, which Hagen threw into the Rhine, could be found in the golden colour of the local wine.

The combination of important cultural history and the amenities of a modern city makes Worms an attractive destination. To this is added the surrounding area, with places worth visiting in every direction. Traditional wine-growing plays an important role everywhere: at festivals and in everyday life.

Church of Our Lady (photographer: R. Uhrig) 
Church of Our Lady (photographer: R. Uhrig)

Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück vineyard in Worms

When people talk about wine and Worms, more often than not they mention Liebfrauenmilch. Originally made only from vines that grew no further away from the Liebfrauenkirche than the shadow cast by the church tower, Liebfrauenmilch is now a general label for a sweet local wine. If you want to taste original Liebfrauenmilch, you need to look out for the Liebfrauenstift-Kirchenstück vineyard, a famous Worms vineyard that has been listed as a ‘landmark of wine culture’ by Wines of Germany since summer 2010.


500 years of Pfeddersheim Riesling

The Worms district of Pfeddersheim is home to the oldest Riesling vineyard still under cultivation: St. Georgenberg. The original charter, the Pfeddersheim Riesling Charter of 1511, describes the vineyard so precisely that it is still possible to locate it over 20 vine generations later.  

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