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The Oasis

The Hofgasse alleyway once connected the Bishop's court, today Heylshof Garden, and the venue of the Diet, now the Guildhall. The alley is still a beautiful place to explore, offering a stunning view of Trinity Church from the palace square.

This Reformation church was erected to commemorate the historical event, although its site was erroneously believed to be the authentic location of the Imperial Diet. 

The Oasis, drawing: Constanze Illig 
The Oasis, drawing: Constanze Illig

The Oasis, a place of recuperation and a contemporary and artistic interpretation marking the Luther anniversary in 2017, is now emerging between the junctural setting of the former Bishop's palace where Luther refused to recant, and today's Trinity Church.

Cubic seats with fronds of leaves rising from their surfaces as sunshades offer visitors an inviting place to linger. The temporary Luther Block, a walk-in structure as a fountain of knowledge and refreshment, provides information and indeed water as well, defining the site as a place of revival.


Arranged along Hofgasse, stela bearing catchwords, quotes and turns of phrase attributed to Martin Luther connect the various anniversary venues.