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Worms in 1521

Luther at the Diet of Worms, coloured woodcut from 1521, Eichfelder Archive

The 1521 Diet of Worms

Pope Leo X. excommunicated Luther in January 1521. Normally this would have been followed by the Imperial ban. But the imperial potentates and the noble classes convinced King Charles V to interrogate Luther at the Imperial Diet. Charles guaranteed Luther's safe passage. 

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Historical sites

None of the buildings that hosted Luther during his sojourn in Worms in 1521 remain standing. They were mainly destroyed in 1689 during the Nine Years’ War. But there are still many places that have tales to tell about the history of the Imperial Diet and the Reformation.

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Worms in the middle-age

Worms around 1521

Although there were signs of economic stagnation, the Diocesan and Imperial City of Worms in 1521 was an important urban centre occupying a prime location by the river Rhine. The population can only be estimated, but it is likely to have ranged between 6,000 and 7,000.

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