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City Tours

Come along for a journey of discovery through the Luther City of Worms. Our tour guides will show you the most beautiful sides of our town. 

Touristen im Heylshofpark, Foto: Rudolf Uhrig 
Touristen im Heylshofpark, Foto: Rudolf Uhrig

Group tour – 1521 – Luther in Worms

Martin Luther refused to recant his writings at the Imperial Diet of 1521. This marked the beginning of a new phase in the Reformation movement, connecting the city of Worms to the occurrences of this era in a very particular way. This tour provides information on the circumstances of life at the time and on Luther's sojourn in the city.

Duration: 1.5 hours; price: € 110.00 (up to 30 persons, english tour) 


1521 – Luther in Worms – Public tour

for individual guests and small groups of up to 6 persons from April – October 2020;
advance booking is not required (german only!!)

every 2nd Sunday in the month, 11 am
Meeting place: St Magnus' Church; price: € 8.00

Other times: Saturdays at 3 pm,
25.04./ 30.05./ 27.06./ 25.07./ 29.08./ 26.09. / 31.10.

Tours in traditional costume (for group bookings, german only):

"Here I stand, I can do no other"
Price: € 270.00 (up to 30 persons)
This special tour provides an entertaining and informative re-enactment of Luther's sojourn in Worms during the Imperial Diet of 1521, bringing the scenes vividly to life. Illustrious personages of the time, but also common folk, report on the 'high politics' and the circumstances of everyday life.
(1 guide, 4-5 performers in traditional costume) 

"Little monk, it is an arduous path you are taking"

Price: from € 140.00 (up to 30 persons)
Worms in April 1521 – allow our contemporaries to whisk you away into the hustle and bustle of the Imperial Diet. Feel the atmosphere and immerse yourselves in the day-to-day life of the city.
(1 guide, 1 or 2 performers in traditional costume) 

Unsere AGBs (Terms & conditions, german only)

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The following applies to groups:

The prices must be paid in cash and are exclusive of VAT, which may be payable depending on the specific tour guide. The prices refer to tours held in German and to group sizes not exceeding 30 persons. Additional guides will be necessary for larger groups. The WfG Terms and Conditions apply.

Information and bookings:
We require a written request by post, fax or e-mail before we can confirm a booking.
The easiest way to book is by using our electronic contact form. The booking is not definite until we have confirmed.

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